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Eye Exams

Like routine maintenance on your car and home, scheduling regular visits with your Houston, TX eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam—to test your current vision as well as screen for vision problems that might not be readily apparent—helps keep your most valued assets in peak condition. Regular eye exams at the Memorial City TSO are important to maintaining good eye health by keeping your prescription up-to-date and also by detecting and preventing potential diseases before they can become problematic. Many eye diseases and conditions can develop slowly and do not have any obvious symptoms, so early detection can reduce the risk of further harm and give you the best treatment options.

  •     You may be given these common tests during a routine eye exam. Find out what you can expect.  
  • A routine exam at our Houston optometrist office won’t provide some of the measurements and testing that are required to determine if your eyes are suitable for contact lenses, and to generate your contact lens Rx.
  • Catching problems in their early stages can prevent vision loss. An eye exam with our optometrists can do this by catching things you haven’t yet noticed.
  • Make the most of your exams at our Memorial City TSO optometrist office by knowing how often to get them, and what information to bring with you.
  • Going to the eye doctor? Here’s what to expect, and what to remember.
  • Eye exams often begin by sharing information with the front desk staff of the Memorial City TSO, so be prepared.
  • Developing a routine of regular visits to the Memorial City TSO eye doctors—for you, and your loved ones—is part of protecting and maintaining your healthy sight.
  • You may want to ask some of these questions before or during your next eye exam.
  • Learn what common tests and procedures to expect during a routine eye exam at our Houston optometrist office.
  • It's important to understand the relationship between your eyes and any medications you may currently be using.