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Dania S.

Optometric Assistant

Dania has studied in college for over three years but her biggest passion is within the Optical field. "I want to work in a caring environment, a place where I can meet new people and help everyone as much as I can. It was important I explore my other career options!" says Dania. Her colleagues make her job amazing, she states everyone she works with is funny, understanding, helpful and kind. Dania really enjoys meeting new people and helping patients with their individual needs. "It makes me feel accomplished when I help my team and our patients alike." says Dania. Dania is also very versatile, able and willing to help in many areas. She is a fast learner and proud of her accomplishments within her job that benefits her as a well as her team. A favorite past time of Dania's is a rain storm that came her way in Hawaii; instead of everyone panicking, they got together with their neighbors, brought out boogie boards and enjoyed their time in the water! Outside of the office, Dania enjoys going to the gym, painting, reading, binge watching awesome TV shows and scary movies, hanging out with her best friends, photography and a good bike ride. Author Katherine Henson wrote Dania's favorite quote below:

"Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, NOT WEAKNESS!"